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Kristen stands in a garbage can full of ice and water called an icebath. Kristen takes seven icebaths per week, and the temperature is 50-55 degrees. Kristen wears neoprene water shoes in the icebath so her toes don't freeze. Kristen spends FOUR DOLLARS PER day on ice. THAT'S $112 per month JUST FOR ICE. Kristen eats approximately 800 calories during a race. A typical race takes between TWO hours to THREE HOURS. Kristen needs between NINE TO TEN hours of sleep per night. Kristen comsumes approximately 6000 calories per day. Kristen only weighs 116 pounds. Kristen needs FOUR gu packets during a race Kristen eats THREE clif bars on race day. Kristen devours ONE to TWO packs of clif shot blocks per day for training. Kristen uses one canister of heed per month Kristen trains twice a day every day... sometimes three sessions a day. Kristen HETZEL HAS A NICKNAME - IT is rocket girl. HER RACING BIKE'S  NAME IS  STEALTH.

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